An effective tool for doing business in the virtual space for post-pandemic times

It is not a flat world – communicate, trade and interact with customers and business partners the way you have always done in real life and never before online.

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3 minutes and the world is all yours

You can easily and quickly create a 3D space for your business

On the Metajar platform, you will get a ready-to-use tool for your online sales in just 3 minutes which includes:

  • your website,
  • space for content promoting your business,
  • a 3D online shop.

3D e-store – sell more in the blink of an eye

Take your online sales to a new dimension

  • Increase sales by presenting products in an attractive 3D space.
  • Upload products into your 3D e-shop with a single click.
  • Get and process orders via a simple and intuitive control panel. With payments, of course.
  • The 3D e-store can be conveniently located on your website and in a traditional e-shop.

Virtual 3D trade fairs

Totally virtual and truly scalable

  • Attract new customers by having your company join 3D industry trade events. It will take you 2 minutes or even less.
  • Build and strengthen your position in the industry by creating your own trade fairs in 3D reality.
  • Quickly and conveniently locate your trade fairs and 3D trading space on any website.

Invest in a modern 3D e-commerce and business platform


See a demo of one of Metajar’s ready-to-use spaces.

Metajar business spaces

Check out ready-to-use and unique 3D spaces for your business.
More customer-specific, high-quality designs will be available soon.

Power of Peace space

Built from natural materials, the space brings the viewer into a positive mood filled with harmony. Wood, moss and crystal-clear water are a perfect match and natural background for your content. The space is ideal for the health & beauty sector, passive construction and natural product industries.

Business 3.0 space

A modern and spacious hall with 6 screens ready for your content. Allows seamless transitions between the 2 different parts of the venue. Subtle touches of green add natural elegance to the space.

Corporate Professionalism space

High-quality business space with plenty of natural light. Elegant and professional. Kept in the style of A-class buildings. It offers as many as 8 large-size screens which are perfect for presenting your brand, services and products online.

Need a space according to your design?
We will be happy to prepare it for you! Contact us.

Communication tailored for the 21st century and pandemic times

Connect with everyone; anytime, anywhere.


Exchange text messages with customers within your space, in real-time. Answer questions sent to the chat room at your convenience.

Voice calls

Quickly and conveniently make business voice calls. Don’t have time for a live conversation? Leave an audio recording and enjoy all the benefits of asynchronous communication.

Video calls

Do you and your business partners communicate on video? Talk securely and efficiently in your Metajar space using video conferences. In addition, the calendar function allows you and your customers to schedule a video call at a time convenient for you.


Sprawdź, co o platformie Metajar piszą eksperci.


Janusz Dreziński Product owner, investor
Responsible for the preparation and coordination of programming work on the Metajar platform.
Krzysztof Zarębski Co-founder, investor
Responsible for the concept functionalities and project development.

Seweryn Pietrucha Co-founder, investor
Responsible for the concept functionalities and 3D aspects of the platform.

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