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We are now seeing rapid growth in the number of Metaverse projects and fundraising campaigns for these projects.

Metaverse projects offer virtual worlds, taking there the time, energy, commitment and resources of those who decide to participate in such projects.

They do not, however, solve the real problems that people are facing nowadays. They offer various activities in an alternative reality instead of facing issues in the real world.

Some people obviously can and will benefit from such solutions. This is why gamers, fans of new technology and cryptocurrency holders investing in cutting-edge emerging technologies are so interested.

However, not everyone can afford to bring their entire life to the worlds of Metaverse.

A particularly numerous group that faces problems and challenges related to the current global situation are micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises. There are about 2 million of them in Poland, 23 million in Europe and about 400 million worldwide. In fact, these people contribute to several dozen per cent of the GDP in the economies of the countries where they operate.

About 90% of them use the internet. Most of them will not abandon their businesses and sources of income and move to alternative realities to make money there.

Therefore, at the moment, Metaverse is not for entrepreneurs and businesses; it is for gamers and fans of new technologies.


Metajar solves people’s most current and real problems

People need to work and earn a living in the real world. We believe that virtual reality should serve people, not the other way round.

Metajar was, therefore, created to respond to the problems of small- and medium-sized companies, to give real solutions and give the opportunity to make profits through virtual reality. Enabling micro-, small- and medium-sized companies to make profits from their existing businesses. We give you new opportunities in a way that is easier than the internet has ever been!

We created Metajar as a new dimension of virtual commerce and business to give people new sales and business opportunities using virtual reality via desktop and mobile devices that are available to everyone via an internet connection that is not always very fast and using proven e-commerce solutions. Virtual reality which is not to blindly sink into it and get snapped there, not to abandon the real world, but to earn faster, more efficiently, to prosper and to enjoy life more.

We also hope that fans of Metaverse projects will see the potential in our venture. And the potential is huge as it involves different areas of the economy and makes it possible to generate benefits and profits on various levels – which we will discuss below.

Metajar is a highly realistic 3D spaces for more effective sales and communication

3 minutes and the world is all yours

You can easily and quickly create a 3D space for your business

On the Metajar platform, you will get a ready-to-use tool for your online sales in just 3 minutes which includes:

  • your website,
  • space for content promoting your business,
  • a 3D online shop.

3D e-store – sell more in the blink of an eye

Take your online sales to a new dimension

  • Increase sales by presenting products in an attractive 3D space.
  • Upload products into your 3D e-shop with a single click.
  • Get and process orders via a simple and intuitive control panel. With payments, of course.
  • The 3D e-store can be conveniently located on your website and in a traditional e-shop.

Virtual 3D trade fairs

Totally virtual and truly scalable

  • Attract new customers by having your company join 3D industry trade events. It will take you 2 minutes or even less.
  • Build and strengthen your position in the industry by creating your own trade fairs in 3D reality
  • Quickly and conveniently locate your trade fairs and 3D trading space on any website.

What is Metajar composed of?

Realistic 3D space (Template)

Package of functionalities

Metajar is a highly realistic 3D spaces for more effective sales and communication


The Metajar project is based on more than 10 years of experience in providing clients with virtual walk-throughs, showrooms and sales spaces. Such solutions are successfully used by leading brands https://3dtrip.pl/realizacje/




We have extensive market experience in delivering the highest quality spaces and experiences for our clients…

Wirtualny showroom


Wirtualny showroom


Wirtualny showroom


Wirtualny showroom


Wirtualny showroom


Wirtualny showroom

Fleet Market

Wirtualny spacer z wydarzenia

Why invest in Metajar?

Innovation the markets need now

An innovative way of offering products and services at a time of peak demand for such solutions equals a chance for excellent market success. Read more…

Unlike Hopin, we are creating a solution that provides new sales opportunities, trade fairs, not just events.

The right direction of investment

  • Confirmation of Forbes’ 2021 prognosis – VR is the second most growing industry worth investing in at the moment. Read more…
  • Bright prospects for 2022. Read more…
  • The value of the virtual events market: Read more…
    USD 114 billion – 2021
    USD 504 billion – 2028 forecast
  • The Metajar project is the proper use of available technology right now!
    No hardware upgrades or increased data transfer rates are needed. Read more…
  • The Metajar project offers the possibility of a future upgrade from 3D to VR
    The possibility to incorporate 3D models used to create Templates in Metajar. Metajar is a development for many years!

Remedy for current and future problems

Problems faced by small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs in 2021 and expected in the future include:

  1. Covid-related restrictions – 35%
  2. Brexit regulations – 19%
  3. Financial challenges – 14%
  4. Technological risks – 10%
  5. Sourcing problems – 9%
  6. Workforce and competencies – 8%
  7. Social changes – 6%
Read more…

Markets for Metajar?


Market potential and opportunities

What elements contribute to market advantage and applicability

Micro-, small- and medium-sized companies

Poland – 2 million
Europe – 23 million
World – 400 million
90% of them use the internet

  • Modern equivalent to websites and online shops
  • Outstandingly faster and easier online business presentation as compared to websites
  • Integration of customer access channels in one place: social media, video channels
  • Integrated customer communication channels, chat, video, voice
Physical retail space
  • Forecasted massive reduction in the number of shops Read more…
  • Increase in rental prices for sales space
  • Increase in energy prices
  • A decline in the purchasing power of money
  • Result: lower profitability of conventional sales



  • Online sales for retailers unable to operate due to Covid restrictions
  • Complementing sellers’ activities during regular working hours by:
    – Metajar spaces,
    – virtual trade fairs,
    – sales streaming
    – customer dashboard
  • Opportunity to carry out commercial activities with customers for whom distance is an access barrier
  • Substituting high-cost conventional sales with sales through Metajar spaces and virtual trade fairs


A market valued at USD 9.09 billion
Read more…
A conventional market based on rivalry and price competition.
Sales potential of co-operation and competition.
Demand for local, harder-to-find, better-quality and more expensive products
Export potential for small- and medium-sized enterprises
Possibility of benefitting from conventional sales

Possibility to independently develop sales through a range of Metajar platform tools:
– sales streaming
– virtual themed and industry trade fairs,
– formation and participation in business groups (under a common link – financial and marketing tools for the promotion of the group)
– leveraging the marketing of virtual trade fairs for business groups,
– organisation of virtual themed and industrial trade fairs aimed at specific locations and target groups worldwide

VR and Virtual Trade Fairs

A market worth USD 114 billion in 2021
Read more…
  • The advantage of a much lower financial and time barrier for companies to enter virtual trade fairs
  • Much greater flexibility allowing more frequent participation in such events and in multiple locations at the same time
  • Unification of standards
  • Easy and fast support of real-life trade fair events through the Metajar platform
Business organisations
Potential of business organisations. Read more…

Business organisations gathering entrepreneurs in non-competing groups around the world are natural clients for the Metajar Project:

  • The established business groups with a strong business culture and knowledge receive perfect tools in the form of the Metajar Platform
  • Metajar offers ready-to-use organisational structures of non-competing business groups
Real estate

Incredible areas for:
– offices,
– banks,
– companies
– hotels,
– shopping malls.

Insufficiently occupied due to remote work, restrictions and crisis.
Less profitable and more difficult rental of space.

The opportunity to generate additional income on real estate and luxury goods – Metajar offers:

  • virtualisation of commercial spaces such as shopping malls, office buildings and hotels in order to turn them into sales spaces; from the rental (or sale) of which you may derive additional profits,
  • combining sales spaces (Metajars) with virtual walk-throughs inside the property to facilitate the presentation of multiple properties for sale or promote hotel services,
  • promoting and selling architectural designs or finished buildings which can be better presented in this way,
  • virtualising private real properties, luxury cars, aircrafts, yachts – which would all enable them to become assets generating additional income.

37.8 million influencers worldwide

Read more…

Metajar will enable influencers to become more involved in selling specific brands:

  • virtual spaces of the influencers will be connectable with Metajar spaces, virtual walk-throughs, websites, e-shops and social media of the brands supported by these influencers
  • project development resulting from the creativity of Influencers and new applications of the Metajar platform

Digital services

Due to the need to be online and increase your presence due to innovations, the pandemic and crisis mean an increased demand for:
– software developers,
– architects, graphic designers,
– specialists in creating videos, virtual walk-throughs,
– marketing specialists, business consulting specialists, coaches

The Metajar Project, through the marketplace, will offer entrepreneurs the purchase of
– graphics, music, video, 3D elements for space design,
– digital services providing customised creation,
– services strictly related to operating on the Metajar platform, such as 3D designing and modelling, texturing and rendering, high-quality panoramic photography,
– all services for business.

Investors, start-ups, project

There is now an explosion of all kinds of projects, start-ups, accelerated development of products and technical solutions.

Potential to gather innovative solutions and investment capital in one place.

Metajar is:
– an easy way to present solutions clearly and legibly
– an easy way to establish communication
– an easy, simple and accessible way to reach multiple customers through virtual themed fairs and groups


  • No such solution in Poland, Europe and worldwide,
  • Use of commonly known technologies
  • Synergy of benefits of proven solutions
  • Elimination of financial and time barriers enabling widespread availability and use
  • Targeted and highly effective use of the technology of virtual walk-throughs
  • Excellent visual attractiveness
  • No rendering, small size of image files concerning quality ensures fast and reliable operation also in mobile applications
  • A user-friendly intuitive interface based on proven solutions
  • Short lead time to a working and functional platform – 4.5 months
  • Simple localisation worldwide (language versions)

Target group

Virtual fairs will be addressed to:
I. experienced entrepreneurs using multiple sales tools – i.e., those who:

  1. Want to develop their business
  2. Want to attract new customers
  3. Have a website that they treat as a sales tool
  4. Have a functioning business
  5. Have been operating for 2 years (minimum)
  6. Invest in online visibility: paid advertisements on Facebook, Google, Li
  7. Publish videos on YouTube
  8. Have an online shop
  9. Sell on Allegro, Amazon, Alibaba
  10. Run a fanpage on social media

II. local suppliers of products and services for whom setting up a website or an online shop was, and still is, a barrier. (This problem does not exist with Metajar)

Metajar Platform – income sources:

– purchase and sale of Templates,
– implementation of virtual walk-throughs and showrooms, which can be integrated with the templates,
– 3D elements for creating Templates,
– original artwork, photos for developing Metajars,
– original music for developing Metajars,
– services of graphic designers, architects, developers,
– marketing, advertising, consulting and training services.


Janusz Dreziński

has been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years. He has worked his way up through practically all levels – from a software developer, team leader, product owner and project manager, to a branch manager of one of the largest software houses in Poland.

He has cooperated with the following brands: Microsoft, mBank, Aviva, PZU and many others. He is currently the owner and leader of an experienced team of software developers, graphic designers and testers providing services in the field of developing dedicated software for companies in various industries. In the Metajar project, he is a co-founder/investor responsible for:

  • the preparation and coordination of work on the implementation of the Metajar platform
  • the development and implementation of the Metajar concept
  • the concept of the platform’s functionalities that enable it to meet clients’ needs
  • defining the direction of development in consultation with the team

Seweryn Pietrucha

An experienced entrepreneur, marketing and sales professional. He is the founder and owner of the ‘3Dtrip’ brand, under which he has completed dozens of projects for his clients  (https://3dtrip.pl/realizacje/). He has been working in the spherical photography industry for 12 years. He is a Google-recommended photographer and a 360 technology specialist. He is an enthusiast of interactive solutions as well as a Google Localization Specialist.

For 10 years, he has been a member of the world’s leading referral organisation – BNI

In the Metajar project, he is a co-founder/investor responsible for:

  • the development and implementation of the Metajar concept
  • the preparation of virtual walk-throughs using spherical renderings
  • the concept of the platform’s functionalities, enabling it to work efficiently from a functional and technical point of view
  • marketing and sales
  • consultations with software developers and assistance in solving technical challenges

Krzysztof Zarębski

The founder and co-owner of 3D Industry Sp. z o.o., a manager and leader with over 10 years of experience in the industry and a specialist in solving problems and implementing new solutions.

He is the originator and co-founder of the 3DIIS project for the industry – integrating virtual reality with data management capabilities.

In the Metajar project, he is a co-founder/investor co-responsible for:

  • the development and implementation of the Metajar concept
  • the concept of the platform’s functionalities that enable it to meet clients’ needs
  • networking, establishing cooperation with clients and the business
  • defining the direction of development in consultation with the team