Frequently Asked Questions

Innovation is always something new and unknown, something that can be imagined by connotations. That raises a lot of questions. The answers to the most frequently asked questions will give you a better insight into Metajar.




Who are we?

Our core team currently consists of three people: Seweryn Pietrucha, Janusz Dreziński and Krzysztof Zarębski.

We rely on Seweryn Pietrucha's 10+ years of experience in providing clients with virtual walk-throughs and showrooms as part of his '3Dtrip' brand. Seweryn is an experienced entrepreneur and marketing and sales professional.
He has provided services to brands such as Solaris and Black Red and White.

The second pillar is Janusz Drezinski, who has been working in the industry for over 20 years. He is the owner of a software provider for companies from various IT branches and the leader of an experienced team of software developers, graphic designers and testers. He has cooperated with the following brands: Microsoft, mBank, Aviva and PZU.

Krzysztof Zarębski is the originator of the project. He has over 10 years of experience in senior management positions in the industry in areas such as infrastructure management, maintenance and quality management. He specialises in problem-solving and innovative solutions.

What were the very beginnings of your business? How did it all start?

As a team, we implemented a project for the industry that ensured cost reduction and efficiency gains. Together we developed a tool combining virtual walk-through technology with data management possibilities, and so it began.

We took on the current project because of the enormous potential of the solution and, in fact, the ideal time to bring such a product to market.

What has already been done since the start of the business?

As for the Metajar project, we were able to develop a full end-to-end solution that meets the client's needs and provides a wide range of business opportunities with a contained, complete functionality, which is very important in IT projects.

Thanks to investing our own funds, we have started software development. We also have clients who are waiting for the moment when they can start using our platform.
We consider it a massive success that we have started working on virtual trade fairs for one of the largest state institutions in Poland and that deals with promoting Polish companies abroad. Leading brands will exhibit at this virtual fair, and the event itself will take place within the next 3 months. Of course, discussions and preparations have been going on for several months now. We will provide our investors with more information in this respect.

Yet, it is worth mentioning to show the project's advancement and readiness to deliver the planned functionality successfully.

What is the project about, and why is it worth investing in?

As part of the Metajar platform, each entrepreneur will receive a ready-to-use tool for conducting sales and business activities online (i.e., a 3D space with a unique website address), the possibility of uploading photos and videos promoting the company, listing products and services for sale and communicating with customers using chat and video calls.

This space acts as a website, shop and communicator, and allows participation in virtual trade fairs.
Please feel free to learn more about the full functionality and visit Mosaico's or our website.

View also realistic 3D spaces prepared to be used by the companies. They are truly impressive. The roadmap of the project is also worth viewing. They will provide a lot of valuable information to investors and prospective clients.

What competition is there? What makes you stand out from the competition?

The competition is extensive because our solution enters very different areas: websites, e-shops, sales platforms and even Metaverse projects.

When it comes to websites and e-shops, we can certainly offer a solution that is easy to use, fast and convenient, and highly visually appealing.

It will work well for both experienced entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, attract new customers, have websites, e-shops, use sales platforms and invest in social media visibility as well as the beginners.
Its intuitiveness may convince small companies that operate locally (i.e., companies that provide good-quality products and services but do not use solutions such as a website or e-shop because of cognitive barriers).

When it comes to sales platforms, we are neither able nor willing to compete. We would like to provide an alternative solution that will become popular over time.

About the Metaverse Projects. Our project is not a game; it is intended to solve specific and current problems of small- and medium-sized companies in times when doing business is becoming increasingly difficult due to the unpredictable circumstances in terms of restrictions, lockdowns and rising costs. I must admit that this is a favourable situation.

Entrepreneurs will not quit their businesses to make money in the Metaverse. Entrepreneurs need tools that support their current businesses.

Why would the client choose your product?

Clients are already choosing our product. As I mentioned before, we have started working on a virtual fair for a state institution. The event will take place in the next 3 months. At least 50 companies will participate, including leading brands in Poland.

I am convinced that this will encourage many small- and medium-sized companies to consider our solutions. Then, they will have a chance to discover that these solutions are also fully available to them.

This opportunity for success obviously did not come out of nowhere, but resulted from years of experience, implementation of high-quality projects and concept consultations with the client.

Naturally, we also have other clients who are waiting for the opportunity to organise virtual themed trade fairs. So, perhaps we will launch our product even sooner.

If you let me refer to the product itself and explain why. First of all, the available spaces really do have a 'wow' effect. Presenting your business in a space like this will impress your customers. This is the visual aspect that really works.

High quality is really impressive. These spaces will also be evolving; clients will tell us what they need, and we will constantly work on these aspects.

Regarding the functional aspects, the intuitiveness of adding and managing materials should be emphasised. Localisation of your business, products or services in such a space is incomparably faster than using websites or e-shops. Listing products or services is certainly easier than on sales platforms.

And this is a good moment to say that you can take this customised space of your business and enter the virtual fairs. This cannot be done using websites, e-shops or even sales platforms.
Virtual fairs that are on the market are events for which all materials must be pre-prepared each time, and then they are "rigidly" linked to such fairs. When the fair is over, customers or partners can no longer see it. We will allow visitors to the events to add the spaces to favourites so that once the events are over, the contact is retained. And they will be able to visit the spaces of their favourite companies at any time.

Companies, in turn, will be able to contact those people who have added the company's space to their favourites.

Nowadays, it's all about selling, selling fast, building relationships with customers and reaching for new solutions.

Another important aspect I would like to talk about is themed events and groupings of companies.

The Metajar platform will provide the opportunity to join and create themed events (for example, virtual fairs for home office, business services, transport services).

This provides an opportunity for non-competing companies to group together to offer customers comprehensive solutions to their problems at these events (i.e., not to compete with each other).

Will your sales market be Poland only? Will it be possible to use your solution in other countries?

At the beginning, we focus on Poland, but if, for example, after the virtual fair in April, any foreign customers appear, we will also offer our services to them. In our case, it is only a matter of language versions to be implemented, which have already been planned on our roadmap.

How could we buy your product?

You will be able to try our product through our website where, without registration and a login, you will be able to put some of your data within the space and see how it works and looks. Then you will be able to register and log in to our platform and use the 'Freemium' version for 14 days to get a taste of our product with its full functionalities.

Why have you decided to target distributed capital instead of looking for investors like funds or private investors?

There are a few reasons for that. First, it is the timing. It is the perfect time for launching our solutions. When it comes to the success of start-ups, it is the key criterion.

Another factor is marketing that accompanies tokenisation. Creating a social community is a vital part of business, which is all about getting as many users to use the solution as possible. Our investors can be our best salespeople, sharing the promising project they have invested in with their friends.
Tokenisation also offers opportunities that no other way of fundraising provides. In combination with the platform's functionality we are creating, it results in the ownership of the 3D space, which can be either computer-generated or developed from a panoramic photo.

Such a space may later be made available to other users against payment.

What are the reasons an investor should invest in Metajar? What benefits may an investor gain from the investment?

The returns from the investment include an increase in the tokens’ value and cashback in the form of an appropriate percentage of the revenue for a given year. For more details, please refer to the Mosaico platform.

Both depend on the development of the platform and the number of clients and users.

Another crucial thing to mention is the performance mechanisms that we have created within the project.

The organisation of virtual trade fairs will attract not only customers of companies using Metajar, virtual themed events will attract further visitors and clients to the Metajar platform. This is an excellent situation from an investor's perspective because clients will attract further users through their activities and resources. Therefore, our priority is to make sure that our clients are satisfied.

What way and what for will Metajar tokens be used?

Tokens can be used on the platform to:

● use subscribed Metajar's virtual spaces (i.e., to sell your products, acquire customers, scale up your business)

● participate in and create virtual trade fairs (as a company)

● participate in closed trade fairs (as a participant)

● purchase products and services from the Metajar marketplace

Roadmap – at what stage is the platform at now, and in what direction will it develop?

The platform will first evolve towards the implementation of the most relevant functionalities and then extending them according to customer needs. Please visit our website or the Mosaico website and see the roadmap of the project.

Next, the functionalities necessary to organise virtual trade fairs will be launched. Together with our clients, we will review outstanding functionalities and decide the order in which they shall be implemented.

What are the plans for further Metajar development?

What we are particularly committed to is the introduction of a functionality allowing companies and groups of companies to create virtual themed trade fairs themselves and invite users.

And among other interesting things, I would like to mention the creation of the marketplace to enable faster platform development.

We are planning further measures such as the integration of Metajar virtual spaces of entrepreneurs with a payment gateway and, further down the line, cryptocurrency payments.

That said, first, we will focus on implementing the necessary functionalities and upcoming virtual trade fairs.

How can investors exit the investment?

Tokens can be:

● sold on the Kanga Exchange

● used to pay for virtual space rental (Metajar)

● used to pay for participation in a virtual fair as a company or for a ticket to a ticketed virtual fairs.

What is the risk of not raising the whole funding amount? (What if Softcup is not reached?)

Regardless of whether we achieve Softcup or not, we will continue to implement the assumed goals and necessary functionalities to launch our product on the market. Lower funds raised in the tokenisation process will result in slower development of our product, but it will not prevent us from further improving it.

On what are you spending the funds raised from tokenisation?

We plan to use the raised funds for:

35% for the platform's development
25% for marketing
25% for client acquisition
15% for operating expenses

This is an interesting project, especially in that it introduces a new concept to the already huge e-commerce market. However, I wonder how does such a shop created in a virtual reality differ from a traditional online shop (apart from the possibility of seeing products in 3D and navigating around the shop)?

The reason why the Metajar project introduces a virtual space for companies to use and edit is by no means purely visual.

Sales spaces have been introduced in this form because companies can join them and create virtual fairs. This is a very convenient solution. Companies will save time and resources on the time-consuming preparation of materials and sending them to the company organising the fair. In Metajar, an entrepreneur will be able to manage these materials on an ongoing basis and join such events at any time.

This will translate significantly not only to opportunities to more frequently attend such events but also to the ability to take part in multiple events simultaneously.