The competition is extensive because our solution enters very different areas: websites, e-shops, sales platforms and even Metaverse projects.

When it comes to websites and e-shops, we can certainly offer a solution that is easy to use, fast and convenient, and highly visually appealing.

It will work well for both experienced entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, attract new customers, have websites, e-shops, use sales platforms and invest in social media visibility as well as the beginners.
Its intuitiveness may convince small companies that operate locally (i.e., companies that provide good-quality products and services but do not use solutions such as a website or e-shop because of cognitive barriers).

When it comes to sales platforms, we are neither able nor willing to compete. We would like to provide an alternative solution that will become popular over time.

About the Metaverse Projects. Our project is not a game; it is intended to solve specific and current problems of small- and medium-sized companies in times when doing business is becoming increasingly difficult due to the unpredictable circumstances in terms of restrictions, lockdowns and rising costs. I must admit that this is a favourable situation.

Entrepreneurs will not quit their businesses to make money in the Metaverse. Entrepreneurs need tools that support their current businesses.