Clients are already choosing our product. As I mentioned before, we have started working on a virtual fair for a state institution. The event will take place in the next 3 months. At least 50 companies will participate, including leading brands in Poland.

I am convinced that this will encourage many small- and medium-sized companies to consider our solutions. Then, they will have a chance to discover that these solutions are also fully available to them.

This opportunity for success obviously did not come out of nowhere, but resulted from years of experience, implementation of high-quality projects and concept consultations with the client.

Naturally, we also have other clients who are waiting for the opportunity to organise virtual themed trade fairs. So, perhaps we will launch our product even sooner.

If you let me refer to the product itself and explain why. First of all, the available spaces really do have a ‘wow’ effect. Presenting your business in a space like this will impress your customers. This is the visual aspect that really works.

High quality is really impressive. These spaces will also be evolving; clients will tell us what they need, and we will constantly work on these aspects.

Regarding the functional aspects, the intuitiveness of adding and managing materials should be emphasised. Localisation of your business, products or services in such a space is incomparably faster than using websites or e-shops. Listing products or services is certainly easier than on sales platforms.

And this is a good moment to say that you can take this customised space of your business and enter the virtual fairs. This cannot be done using websites, e-shops or even sales platforms.
Virtual fairs that are on the market are events for which all materials must be pre-prepared each time, and then they are “rigidly” linked to such fairs. When the fair is over, customers or partners can no longer see it. We will allow visitors to the events to add the spaces to favourites so that once the events are over, the contact is retained. And they will be able to visit the spaces of their favourite companies at any time.

Companies, in turn, will be able to contact those people who have added the company’s space to their favourites.

Nowadays, it’s all about selling, selling fast, building relationships with customers and reaching for new solutions.

Another important aspect I would like to talk about is themed events and groupings of companies.

The Metajar platform will provide the opportunity to join and create themed events (for example, virtual fairs for home office, business services, transport services).

This provides an opportunity for non-competing companies to group together to offer customers comprehensive solutions to their problems at these events (i.e., not to compete with each other).